My name is Claudia and in 2011 I decided to realize my dream of going on a long term solo journey around the world. After one and a half year of planning, saving and trying to convince my managers to approve a leave of absence, finally on the 1st of March 2013 I boarded a flight to Europe and started my adventure.

In 10 months I've visited 23 countries, 78 cities, crossed 24 time zones, took 21 flights, 29 trains, 7 ferryboats, rented 6 cars, drove 6200 km, attended to 16 gigs, discovered 27 metal pubs, made uncountable new amazing international friends, covering a total of 73 thousand kilometers (or 45 thousand miles).

In this blog I share my tips, thoughts, adventures and of course a few misadventures too! I wish with my stories I can somehow inspire you to do the same someday - follow your heart!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it!

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